THE LIMITS OF INFINITY (or Drunk on Poetry) – by Titos Titos


Just a thought :


imagine our cities

easily existing

according to virtues of Infinite Love.

Cities where

Justice and Kindness

very rarely

– if ever –

will take us

to Struggle and Conflict.

War is the inevitable result of Separation,

of Envy,

and Jealousy.

There have been times when I thought

when I felt

that what I was doing

what I was thinking

were wrong

but somehow I also considered them right too.

Maybe somehow during that time

during that specific moment

a thought inside me

a feeling

remained whole


Desire for peace.

A desire that was as strong as it was the pain inside me too.

Let this … to be my darkness and my light.

The enemy gets lost by his enthusiasm

by his victory.

The dark ressac when it will ebb my way again

it will show me the path

the path I had lost

I feel how I shall depart

I know to which place I do belong.

We shall conquer the wholeness of Love,

the Archetypal

the Everlasting


Life is bigger than each one

and all individuals.

I let myself go with the flow

unique value

the Universe itself.

You and me

we are something all together different

when we are together.

I shyly feel the thought pushing

breaking the limits.

The limits that do not exist.

I feel the feelings flow on the limit,

on the limit

of infinity.


(c) Titos Titos, Greek Original

English Translation (c) by Haris Metaxa, June 2019


photo taken from Titos Titos

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