In Mexico, Archaeologists Found a 1,600-Year-Old Elongated Skull With Stone-Encrusted Teeth.

If the head shape wasn’t unusual enough for a human skull, the 1,600-year-old skull also had a full set of stone-encrusted teeth to go with its delightful personality.

This intriguing discovery was unearthed near the old Teotihuacan ruins in Mexico, and it astounded everyone who was a member of the team that made it.

According to officials, the woman was 35 to 40 years old when she died, which is common for a human of that age, and she was buried with 19 jars strategically placed around her body as offerings to ensure that her soul went to a better place after its departure.

The unusual pyrite stones in her teeth were by far the strangest component of this discovery. They were both encrusted in her top front teeth, which was a clear evidence, according to ancient traditions, that the woman was royalty of some type.

The Maya were obsessed with dentistry, and they would continually strive to show off their social standing by donning as many “bright rocks” as possible.

Another interesting feature is that the dentists who inspected the teeth also noted that the Maya dentist who worked on the woman definitely knew how to work without damaging the pulp inside the tooth, making the procedure relatively painless.

Simply put, why did the ancient elite seek to lengthen their heads as much as possible? Did they want to get as near to the aliens they thought were superior as possible?

We must recognize that these ancient civilizations were not as primitive as we formerly believed. A few years ago, an exceedingly unusual find was made beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan, where a gigantic pool filled with liquid mercury was discovered.


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