MIDGE URE Wire and Wood (Mick Karn remembered)


Another video I made. Midge Ure and Mick Karn were friends and only made one single together. They played live a few times as part of the all-star backing band at a few Prince’s Trust galas over the years (back in the 80s) and in the 90s collaborated again on a couple of songs with Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri. Songs that were released on a solo album by Midge Ure. Midge recently said that not only was Mick a gifted musician, but a true friend of his. Someone who just lit up the room and was a gift to work with. They just instantly connected. Midge was so mesmerized by Mick’s playing, when asked how he played fretless the way he did, Mick said he didn’t use a pick, just his fingers, and wire and wood. Midge loved that phrase so much that he named the song “Wire and Wood” on his new album after that…




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