Le Sherifs – Errors

Theories Of Poverty
Le Sherifs is an experimental musical outfit from Egypt.
Their sound infuses trip hop, psychedelic, electronica, and hip hop.
In 2006 they began working on their first album (Theories Of Poverty)
The album which was recorded entirely in Egypt is a trek into minor keys,
dark themes, and no happy ending cinematic moods.
Le Sherifs state that most of the tracks were written and produced in their Cairo studio
using relatively cheap equipment and is intended to reflect the dark side of poverty in all its forms.
Featured vocalists include frequent collaborator Soho Rezanejad,
Sophie Barker (Zero 7), Jo Kate Benson (Timo Maas) and Hulya Kilicaslan.
They are currently working on their second album (match of the man)
due to be released somewhere in 2020.


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