Christian Ronig, Oh Lord (Θεέ μου μεγαλοδύναμε)

Christian Ronig (vocals, guitar)
Stelios Chatzikales (trumpet)
Paraskevs Kitsos (double bass)
Giannis Aggelopoulos (drums)

O Lord, hallowed be thy name, Forgive me all my sins and, please, Send down sweet Mary Jane back to me, my Lord, To make my heart sing once again There, by your house it all began, Where under archways we first met; I breathed her scent and then I fell for her, oh Lord, I knew she was the one for me I know I’m not the only one Who is in love with Mary Jane. But it is not her fault she twists our fate, my Lord, She only loves to spread her love Oh Lord, I see her in my dreams Amidst a hazy shade of tears. Scold not your angel for the things she’s done, my Lord, She only sang me to my sleep

Christian Ronig

Thanasis Panou

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