The Blue Side Band – I Am


The Blue Side Band – I Am
Mixed by Tassos Zafeiriou at Red House Studios
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
The Blue Side Band are:Sotiris Nikolaou:Vox,Guitar
Argiris Vassileiou:Guitar
Antonis Dounias:Drums



I AM (Lyrics):

I am too nervous
Sometimes too cruel
I am a rebel
I am a fool
I am so ugly
i am a clown
I am a secret six feet under ground

I am going blind
I am going deaf
I am a flower on dragon’s chest
I am going too fast
Or maybe too slow
I am a shadow in mornings glow

I am the dog
I am the bone
I am a snowflake falling on your throne
I am the fire
I am the night
I am a star somewhere out of sight

I am the garden
I am the grave
I am a treasure
floating on a wave
I am a failure
I am a sin
I am a song that no sings

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