Iggy Pop – Winners & Losers

Winners and losers which one am I,Is it the same under the sky?Black motorcycles and the will to surviveLosers and winners low and high
In this glass and wire worldSurely leeches gain the rightTo send their message screamingOne that has no meaning
To people who feelQuestions and questions plain as your noseBut who would believe a little rose?Winners and losers in love with themselves
No Santa Claus no happy elvesIn this smoking gun existenceIt gets harder to unwindI’ll just eat my breakfast
Try to keep my questionsStarving all nightOut in the suburbs I metMy true fine love
Down in the suburbs I metMy true fine love
She gave me moneyShe gave me headShe gave my everything
And then she went deadStick out your thumbAnd hit the open roadCat in a mercedes
Goes by, he’s oldHe’s got some, you got noneTogether maybe you can haveSome fun-winners and losers
Gentlemen boozersWinners and losersRoll roll roll rollRoll your money down
Rock rock rock rockTakln’ over this town

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