Cousin Silas – Liminal Dronescape 5: Winter


Studio welcomes volume 5 of the Liminal Dronescape series of maestro Cousin Silas. Winter.

I doubt that there is anything I can pen here that hasn’t already been said about this gifted artist. He is a paragon of musicality.

There is no musical frontier he is unwilling to challenge. No ambient offshoot he is hesitant to attempt. This artist goes boldy, and yet with great modesty and humbleness, into the uncharted waters of music.

I have listened to almost all of Cousin Silas’ music; the ambient, the non, the creations that can’t be genre-fied. His mastery of the tools of his art form give testimony to his passion for it. This is also evident in his output. Which, by any standards, is massive! However he does it, the end result is consistently amazing.

Whether it be beautiful. Or haunting. Or dark. Or satirical. It’s all good. Amazingly good! Liminal Dronescape 5 | Winter, is truly a lovely, hour + ethereal journey. Enjoy!

released June 9, 2017



siberian ambience

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