Clara Luzia – Survival

Album: When I Take Your Hand (2018)

Clara Luzia has certainly spent more stormy periods in her life. To check that out, you just have to pay attention to the thoughtful to critical nuances of her great first albums “Railroad Tracks” and “The Long Memory” now already more than ten years. Today, with a little more routine, her songwriting seems more relaxed and free, with her musical twist actually speaking a different language: While the Austrian used to write mostly decent folk and pop, today she is stylistically more versatile and often louder. Especially the entry into her new, seventh album “When I Take Your Hand” gets very rocky with their scratchy songs “On The Street” and “Bold Move” and reminds of the Breeders.

While it remains in the course of the nine songs not, Clara Luzia is also back to a gentle voice and left alone guitar, yet it underscores as clearly as never before its stylistic range and goodness: “When The Streets” is similar to Hall and Chant the surf rock of a Chris Isaac, and with the grim-pressing “survival,” Clara Luzia goes even more consistently toward the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. In addition to her diversity makes the exceptionless class of her songs “When I Take Your Hand” to a large LP, which shows that Clara Luzia even after many years and albums still capable of development.

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