The Blue Side Band

επιμέλεια: Κώστας Καραντζούνης

Sotiris Nikolaou: Vocals
Kostas Karatzounis: Bass
Antonis Dounias: Drums & Percussion
Tassos Zafireiou: Guitars
Argiris Vassileiou: Lead Guitar
Nikos Nikolaidis: Hammond & Theremin
Nicole Tsadaris & George Billios: Choral Vocals

Mixed by Tassos Zafeiriou at Red House Studios
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Οι Blue Side Band είναι μια folk/rock μπάντα που συνδέει τη μακρόχρονη παράδοση των αμερικανών τραγουδοποιών με το σύγχρονο μουσικό περιβάλλον.

Ο ήχος τους είναι βαθιά επηρεασμένος από την songwriting αισθητική της αμερικανικής υπαίθρου από τα mid 40s ως τα 70s,

αλλά πολύ συχνά παρομοιάζεται και με αυτόν των Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, Tindersticks, Triffids, Pink Floyd κ.α καθώς τα μέλη τους προέρχονται από διαφορετικά μουσικά περιβάλλοντα.


The Blue Side Band – I Heard Those Old Bells


I heard those old bells ringing and i heard them long ago
I heard the voices singing, singing for the light to glow
I saw the light from the distance it was calling out for me
It was lightning for its existence from the ground to the higher tree
My guards are down
I entered the gate
I exit the shadow

I dipped my hands in blood and all i found was death
There was only ice and mud covering all the earth
I made my way through the hours without meeting any soul
they were hiding in their towers and i was hiding in my hole
My guards are down
I entered the gate
I exit the shadow

Now i can see
Now i can breath

Ι fell into a truth that shadow will not hide
Ι burned away the moon and now my hands are tied
I step away from the blood and i walked against the wind
And the wind began a hymn it was the Nightingale trying to sing
My guards are down
I entered the gate
I exit the shadow

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