“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”
John Lennon
“Ό,τι ενώθηκε με την Τέχνη και την Αρετή, ο Θάνατος δεν δύναται να χωρήσει!”
Μιχάλης Κόκκινος
“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream, and wake up with a purpose”
Allison Clarke
“Πόσο τολμηρός γίνεται κανείς όταν είναι βέβαιος ότι τον αγαπούν.”
Sigmund Freud
“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”
Tuli Kupferberg
“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol
“Χωρίς εκρήξεις Σουπερνόβα, δεν θα υπήρχε ο άνθρωπος...”
Διονύσης Σιμόπουλος
“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water!”
Benjamin Franklin


[η αδυναμία του όντος που δεν μπορεί να ζήσει μόνο του] βέλος που στοχεύει το κέντρο του ματιού μου που


Samuel Colman

Παρόμοια άρθρα June – East Hampton 1895 Caro Sain Vire Michel Catalo Andrei Popov


Genesis – Mad Man Moon

  Παρόμοια άρθρα Robert Plant – Big Log Bob Marley – Natural Mystic Sivert Høyem – Sleepwalking Ma… Peter Gabriel


Genesis – Entangled

Album: ‘A Trick Of The Tail’ (1976) Lyrics: When you’re asleep they may show you Aerial views of the ground,



Genesis – Firth Of Fifth From the album ‘Selling England by the Pound’ (1973). Lyrics: The path is clear Though


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Visionary mountains Lyrics Visionary Mountains above and afar Like answers to question of life, love And the longing to survive


Echo Season – Periphery

Fine Artist Peter Brefini invites you to cross the transcendent threshold into a world of pure creative instinct with Echo


by Nour Eddine

Παρόμοια άρθρα Marcus Aurelius  Science… Deep Purple – Machine Head (19… Novembre à Paris