Ocean Ramsey Encounters GIANT 20ft Great White Shark

edit: Olympia Petropoulos

On Jan. 15th 2019, Ocean Ramsey and her team encountered what is possibly the largest great white shark ever recorded.

Today (Jan 15th) was extremely special because while I (Ocean Ramsey) work with (great) white sharks all around the world they are extremely rare in Hawaii and this individual may be one of the largest recorded and shows similar markings to “Deep Blue” a shark I’ve studied in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico where I’ve done most of my work with white sharks.

This gentle giant swam up and brushed up against our boat repeatedly. There is a theory that large females come here when they are possibly pregnant trailing whales. There was a dead sperm whale in the area and we did observe her from a distance swimming over to it and eating it on a regular basis throughout the day. Sharks role in the ecosystem, to pick off the dead, dying, weak, wounded, sick, injured, etc. there by keeping lower trophic levels healthy and in balance.

I have so much respect for sharks for their ecological role, scientifically, culturally in Hawaii as aumakua, and from a conservation standpoint I’ve dedicated my life to speaking up for them and educating others about them and their plight while studying to continue to understand more about them. We hope these images and videos will spark a movement for more laws to protect sharks here in Hawaii and around the world.


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