Nibana – Earth From Above

” A caressing homage to the recent passing of his father, Nibana’s “Earth from Above” is a heavenly psybient project overflowing with emotional composition and powerful melodies. As touching as it is interesting, this hour-long voyage is a climatic dubdream of tear-jerking electronica and adventurous synthscapes. Hidden betwixt an atmospheric world of colorful drum kits, charming saxophone, and deep pads lies a soulful story straight from the heart. Each chapter of this orchestral concourse flows together in a conceptual ideaology, one that will satisfy old school audiophiles and auditory newcomers alike. Prepare yourself for an ethereal journey through the cosmos, for the sublime rhythms of this hypnotic release are strikingly beautiful, and one may find themselves drifting into another realm. ” – Nick Sumbles

A word from Nibana : ” Hey everyone, here is my new album Earth From Above that will be dedicated to my late father. This album is a highly personal journey that has been created alongside the evolution of my dad’s disease until his final breath, breath he took after listening to the last track of this album sharing earplugs with my mother, that was created after I learned there was no saving him. ”

Written, Produced & Artwork by Nibana, mastered by Gibb Tartaris @ Gibbanez Music Studio

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