Mount Shrine – Ghosts on Broken Pavement


siberian ambience

Genre: ambient, drone, field recordings


1.Gray-Tinged Subrbs 00:00
2.Underpass 10:24
3.Held Breeze 19:40
4.Inescapable Rain 25:46
5.Outsider Station 33:03
6.Empty Slopes 46:56

Mount Shrine serves us his 2nd solo album on Cryo Chamber. A deep and meditative journey set both inside and outside an Urban setting.

The radio transmissions led you here, a city of memories past and passed.

The streets lie silent as you watch from above the high rise. A twirling mountain casts a deafening shadow over this place. Here between the world of life and death you are but a tiny spec of dust on the shoulder of giants, a world built by the dreamers that came before you. The sleepers drift here, trapped in glitching time loops that crackle when reset.

Ghosts on Broken Pavement is an album that takes us back to the safe embrace of childhood dreams. For lovers of deep subs, airy field recordings and harmonic drones this album is as atmospheric as it is beautiful.


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