Edgar Froese – Epsilon In Malaysian Pale

0:00:00 – Epsilon In Malaysian Pale [16.27] 0:16:27 – Maroubra Bay [16.58]

1987: Virgin CD – CDV 2040

Edgar Froese recorded his second solo album, Epsilon In Malaysian Pale after returning from Tangerine Dream’s Australian tour 1975. Obviously the music reflects his impressions of south-eastern Asia and Australia. According to Edgar Froese, “Epsilon” was the synonym for a person who is completely enveloped by his environment, and the “Pale” stood for the ever-present heavy humidity.

Epsilon In Malaysian Pale was recorded in Berlin, Cologne, Bonn and Hamburg. The main instrument was the Mellotron for which Edgar Froese had recorded various tape segments in London, but also the VCS 3 synthsiser, modified organs and modular synthesiser have been used.

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