Delerium – Mythologie

Mythologie is the 15th studio album by Canadian new age/electronic music group Delerium, released in 2016. It is their first album for Metropolis Records. The album was produced by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber with the help of Jared Slingerland and Craig Johnsen.

Track list:
01. Blue Fires (Feat. Mimi Page)
02. Zero (Feat. Phildel)
03. Keep On Dreaming (Feat. Jaël)
04. Stay (Feat. JES)
05. Angels (Feat. Mimi Page)
06. Ritual (Feat. Phildel)
07. Seven Gates Of Thebes
08. Ghost Requiem (Feat. Geri Soriano-Lightwood)
09. Once In A Lifetime (Feat. JES)
10. Made To Move (Feat. Mimi Page)
11. Continuum (Feat. Leah Randi)
12. Dark Visions (Feat. Mimi Page)

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