BURG – Solace


With this track I am trying to break free from writers block. I have been working a lot lately, spending time away from the studio which just pushed me into a dark hole of musical procrastination. I decided to go back to basics just using a couple of instruments playing a simple melody i have had glued to my brain for some time… and hey it worked, out came this tune

The melody is probably destined for something a bit bigger so I’ll keep this one in my back pocket for now as there are still some unexplored variations to the main theme.

A note on the high pitched audible noise from time to time, this is a known problem in my studio setup when i forget to turn off the main studio computer which is connected to the mixer. This is caused by some sort of ground loop or interference, very annoying. I have this as part of my process to check before i record, but this time it seems i missed it.

Hope you still can enjoy it !

Gear used:

– Moog Subsequent 37 + Strymon timeline (dTape), BlueSky (modulated room)
– KORG Monologue + SolidGoldFX electroman delay
– Novation PEAK + Arturia Keystep as sequencer

All recorded on the Zoom H5 on 2 track, mixed in the Behringer 1002B. Post processing, compressor and limiter plus a slight bit of EQ to lift the mids and high as the track was a bit muddy.





Kostas Karantzounis


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