Blaue Blume – Vanilla

On the merry-go-round – what makes us smile
Like drinks on friday night
Feel my heart one time
Pour me something pour me blind

Then you ask if I’m alright – and you ask why I have cried
I don’t recall I did but you know when I lie
And you ask me if I’m fine – like you feel a little frightened by
The things you see when you look in my eyes

On the merry-go-round – You’re at my side
And we’ll never say goodbye
Turn your insides out – smile
You’re the realest thing alive

And they ask you to be kind to be silent while your head runs
Wild the pressures high from feelings you can’t hide
Like they have no fucking life
Not a single thing they fight for when you ask of them to look you in the eyes

I’m the realest thing alive I am fury I am fire

When you go out I burn before you



hfn music

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