Great White Sharks – and the female Ropey!

The great white shark, a mighty and magnificent super-predator, nearly perfected by 400 million years of evolution!… These powerful predators, as long as many other species of shark, help to keep the oceans clean, balanced and healthy. And healthy oceans also mean healhier and happier people! (And humans are not on their menu, though it can happen, often by mistake.)

In this video, we meet Ropey – a beautiful and impressive female great white – who has unfortunately suffered a long time from human impact. It is sad to see, that a rope has been caught up around her gills, likely straining the animal, and that even the tissue has grown around it… Luckily, some brave divers managed to remove the old rope from the shark, and set her free!

These creatures – and all marine life – deserve to be respected and protected! We must all try to minimise, or even diminish – if possible, the damage to the marine world, like for example the well-known plastic waste in the seas.

So this can be a better place, for all!

by Olympia Petropoulos



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