The New Dimension…


The New Dimension is peaceful, and all work here just as they do on Earth. It’s a place where learning, knowledge and wisdom are essential to that work.
It is not corrupt like the Earth Plane, and there they are free from all of the corruption that exists on Earth today.

We created this New Dimension for growing and learning, as we did Earth.
Minds here are advanced, as the knowledge that was acquired on Earth is now attuned to the minds of New Dimension souls.

It is a slow process for all souls’ minds to learn and absorb knowledge and wisdom.
Love is the answer for all kinds of souls to advance in the Universe. Through love, knowledge and wisdom are well earned.

Critical thinking, the Earth Plane has gotten off track, forgetting or ignoring this most important key to progress.
We all here in the Universe is working so hard with Earth souls to remind them that their purpose on Earth is to advance.

First, they must love themselves if they are going to love all of those around them, if they are going to love other souls, if they are going to help less fortunate souls with love and kindness. All of this is part of Earth lessons they must learn.

Once this is understood, we will attain peace of soul and mind…
Progress is all that matters in the Universe!!


Written by Solon the Athenian 

from Maria Alexea

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