The Beautiful One – Randy Sabatelli

It’s true; once, I fell in love
with a most unusual woman,
at a party, twenty years ago.
It was one of those unlikely,
odd, or strange hours, as the
moments vanish, or stand
perfectly still.. yet also, one of
those loves, that has absolutely
nothing in mind,- or if, one, when
Love has something in mind,
she will not suffer you to know..
In a room, to which I never
returned, yet remains vivid,
as filled with memory, as wind,
or rain.. She had gray eyes, pure,
transparent, lit from somewhere else,
deep inside her, and was surrounded
by the children, of every guest present.
I correctly guessed, she was a woman
who preferred to live near the sea…
“How does feel it to be the beautiful
one?”, I innocently, or nervously blurted
out.. “Is it a kind of happiness?” I honestly
wondered,- felt courageous enough to ask.
She smiled, reflected, earnestly..then spoke,
“No, not at all,- suffering, righteous suffering
for a cause beyond, much greater than you-
even death, is beautiful.. It prepares you, it may
even take you, to another, truly beautiful place..”

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