Canadians Are Seeing A Lot Of UFOs As Scientists Confirm Fast Radio Bursts Are Coming From Space

Michelle Butterfield  (news 04/04/2017)

Canadians saw a lot of freaky stuff happen in the sky last year.

The 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, produced by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research, says Canadians reported a total of 1,131 sightings of unidentified flying objects in 2016.

In the end, however, only four per cent of those sightings went unexplained.


Turns out, there are pretty simple explanations for most UFO sightings. But not all of them. (Photo: Gettystock)

But this week, scientists confirmed that the most mysterious signal in the universe is coming from space — a positive sign for any Canadians holding out hope that some of those UFO sightings could be other-worldly beings checking in with planet Earth.

According to, the origins of fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been driving scientists mad for nearly a decade.

“Lasting only milliseconds, these bursts of energy are about a billion times more luminous than anything we’ve ever seen in our own galaxy, and seem to be travelling across vast distances.”

More than 20 FRBs have been recorded over the past 10 years, but until recently scientists still weren’t sure where they were coming from, or what causes them.

Harvard theorists went so far as to suggest last month that FRBs could be communication attempts from extra-galactic civilizations, reported the Washington Post.

Researchers at Australian National University used the incredibly powerful Molonglo radio telescope to track the origins of three FRBs, and their report says all three signals originated in outer space.

Which brings us back to all those UFO sightings in Canada.

Many might have hard time wrapping their heads around the Ontario report of an alien who stole a man’s sunglasses, belt and silver possessions.

Or the sighting in P.E.I. where a “thin, six-foot-tall long-fingered white alien in a black suit appeared in (a) bedroom. The witness spoke to the alien, which then left by walking through a wall.”

But who’s to say that life doesn’t exist out there, somewhere?


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