Barbara Johanna Billeiter


“Queen Big Head”


“Bella Norica”


“Hearts In Whitby”


“Duckylemon Is Taking A Bath In NYC”


“Channel 6..”


My name is Barbara Johanna Billeiter,  
I am a Franconian based artist who has had a deep love for art since my childhood.

In my relentless pursuit and passion for art I have been able to achieve many of my artistic accomplishments and my Art & Design Degrees.

My art work often consists of beautifully depicted stories of immense size and vibrant colors, coupled with intricately hidden allegories of my own childhood experiences.
It is often said that my character’s eyes are able to captivate people with a profound and magnetizing lifelike stare through the windows of the admirer’s own soul. 

For me the eyes are the most important parts of the human body since they are able to express almost everything without the utter of a single word.

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